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We have helped many people get accepted for a new mobile phone contract even if they have Bad Credit or have previously been refused a mobile phone contract. We recommend T-Mobile, Orange and Three Mobile as the best places to get a mobile contract with bad credit. We have selected these mobile companies as the best place to apply for a new contract as they give people with bad credit the best chance of being approved. For more information on why these companies are the best to apply with see our FAQ section.

Who we suggest to try for a bad credit mobile:

T-Mobile has the best acceptance rates

Sign up for a T Mobile Sim Only Deal and you will get the best approval rate available!

We have found that from research T-Mobile SIM only Contracts are the best way to get a contract. By taking on a T Mobile contract you have a much better chance of approval. If you don’t get instant approval you will probably be offered alternative ways to secure the deal such as a small deposit until a period into the contract.

Orange Mobile has the second highest acceptance rates

Orange is also a good choice to try if you are looking for a Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contract. We suggest that if you want a good contract deal that Orange is also a good choice for getting a mobile contract if you are young (student) or have a poor credit history.

Three - Also have Very Good Approval Rates

Three Mobile is also a great network to try to try if you have had adverse credit in the past or are currently suffering from bad credit. With a wide choice of mobile phone contracts available on the Three network you will find you have a good number of option to choice a contract to suit you. If you have really bad credit then you should try a SIM only contract from Three.

Bad Credit Contract Acceptance Tips

(1) Apply for SIM only deal - We suggest you initially apply for a SIM only offer from a major network. Try T Mobile or Orange and after several months you can move up to a full 12, 18 month or 24 month contract with a great new phone.

(2) If you apply through a mobile phone shop you will get either a pass or fail. Applying to a mobile phone network like the ones shown on this site you may get asked for a small security deposit. Don't panic if this happens as its just a measure to reassure the mobile network. You will get it back if you pay your bills.

(3) If you get declined check your credit report online using Experian and if it's clear then check that you are registered on the voters roll as this can sometimes be the cause of a decline.

(4) Don't feel rejected if a network says NO. There are normally a good few possibilities for this and normally they are easily fixed. We suggest you check your credit report and if there are no obvious problems then reapply or try a different network as most offer the same sort of deals nowadays.

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